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Once Upon an Iris began as an idea produced out of passion and necessity. The need for self-expression fueled the why.

Heart & imagination were the tools in creating a work environment that provided color, texture and everything event related. Behind our brand stands wonderful people with combined experience, in the fields of; creativity and project management.

At Once Upon an Iris, we want to hear what you have in mind. Our designing style is geared to carefully guide you, whether you’re new to the industry and just wanting to create memories, a new bride to be, an experienced planner, or a veteran meeting expert, we are here for you!

We are excited to meet you and we sincerely look forward to partnering up with you and your project.

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founder's Message

Iris, out of all the names given to small babies, “Iris” was the name my mother chose unknowingly to her and I, that one day I would live up to my name in the most fragrant way possible.  Thanks Mom.

I opened Once Upon an Iris in late 2013 after a little more than a decade in the business, finally, turning an idea into a business. My journey has taught me a great deal about the power of relationships, the importance of strategy, most notably it has taught me that resiliency isn’t a fancy word for tough skin, rather a state of mind that if chosen can lead to wonderful outcomes. All the while remaining true to my own character and embracing every step of the way.

Learning & renovating myself has kept me up-to date with new trends, it helps to keep the humility in place. I’d like to think that I will never know it all, however, I would like to strive to get very close. And, so it is that with this very sentiment and experience, I can comfortably extend my services to YOU our beloved clients & costumers.

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